We were aiming to add more diversification for our metal machining services and increase our customer base. We chose SPEE3D’s technology because the product is the fastest in the world. When working with SPEE3D, it’s an interesting experience because we were learning a new process about metal machining.

(For our WarpSPEE3D) the Human-Machine Interface is so good, easy to use and intuitive. What we like most about SPEE3D’s products and services is the technical assistance, always present and very professional.

Herramientas Centroamericanas S.A. de C.V.,
Production Coordinator, 3D in Metal, Hecasa



Our goal was to be able to additively manufacture and repair large parts, as well as manufacture layered, composite, and graded materials without melting.

Cold spray is the only technique that can accomplish our goals, and SPEE3D is the only manufacturer of a commercial CSAM system. In addition, SPEE3D’s systems offer the capability of manufacturing in large format, and the team showed a willingness from the outset to work with us in development of their system for advanced applications.

We anticipate being able to provide support in sustainment activities for mission critical parts in the Aerospace & Defense industries, while also developing new and innovative solutions for advanced applications.

SPEE3D has worked to understand our needs and has worked to ensure we are successful in adopting their technology. There is a feeling of mutual benefit, where, by working together, we can succeed together.

Our favorite feature of SPEE3D technology is the speed and cost of the prints; something we will be able to do in hours and a few hundred dollars what will take others days and several thousand dollars.

Michael Schmitt,
CEO, HAMR Industries LLC