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Welcome to the SPEE3D blog.

A Complete Expeditionary Solution

Fragile supply chains. Costly downtime. Remote, austere environments.

For defence and industrial leaders working in the field, equipment repair and part replacement come with a wide range of unique challenges.

Our Expeditionary Manufacturing Unit (EMU) helps you tackle those challenges head-on—making it possible to print, post-process, and test metal parts on-site.

It’s designed for easy deployment, requires no specialized training, and delivers metal properties equal or superior to their cast counterparts.

And it’s reducing time-to-part from weeks and months to hours and days.

Here’s how it works.

On-site metal additive manufacturing

The EMU is comprised of two individual components that function as a complete whole: our XSPEE3D printer and our SPEE3DCell post-processing and testing unit.

The containerized, ruggedized printer uses patented software to automate the Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) tool path, enabling you to print directly from your CAD files. It also lets you simulate the process before you print—so you can proactively identify unfeasible part features and modify designs accordingly.  

When you’re ready to print, XSPEE3D uses an ultra-high-energy nozzle to spray metal powder at supersonic speeds onto a base plate using only compressed air to build your part. And once it’s printed, our SPEE3DCell expeditionary post-processing unit allows you to heat treat, machine, and test the part before putting it to use.

It’s an all-in-one expeditionary solution that enables you to:

For the first time, you’ll be able to rapidly produce and post-process cast-equivalent metal parts wherever—and whenever—you need them.

Design, print, cook, and cut

From battle damage repair to new part production, the EMU gives you the unprecedented ability to print cast-equivalent metal parts on-site and on-demand.

It significantly reduces downtime.

It produces stronger, more reliable metal parts. And it gives you everything you need to keep equipment up and running.

Ready to learn more? Contact us to arrange a demonstration.