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Case studies

Learn what we’ve done, how we’ve done it, and how it helped our customers succeed.

HAMR Industries LLC


The aerospace, energy, defence, and industrial verticals offer a consistent market opportunity. These high technology sectors face significant challenges acquiring large forgings and castings, opening a niche for a company that can supply them. And their specialized functions in challenging environments demanded the kind of expertise in developing advanced materials that only companies like HAMR could offer. But to supply that niche, HAMR needed a manufacturing approach that would go beyond traditional melt-based manufacturing methods, which are limited in the types of materials they can handle, and have unfavorable economics compared to forgings and castings. The answer was cold spray additive manufacturing (CSAM).


At their Neighbourhood 91 facility, HAMR leveraged cold spray AM technology, specifically SPEE3D’s WarpSPEE3D printer, to provide specialized production services with non-traditional alloys and manufacture large, complex parts efficiently. The printer’s large build plate and rapid print time enabled HAMR to work on intricate applications, use challenging alloys, and deliver advanced prototypes, leading to significant business opportunities with clients in need of complex solutions for demanding environments.

This successful adoption of WarpSPEE3D allowed HAMR to secure multiple DoD contracts, prototyping agreements, and purchase orders from Fortune 500 companies. Within a year of implementing the WarpSPEE3D system, HAMR is on track to double its team size, with plans for further expansion in the next two years, fuelled by the revenue generated from their enhanced production capabilities.


The combination of speed, scale, and flexibility that WarpSPEE3D provides has helped HAMR stand out with a more collaborative approach to additive manufacturing.

The capabilities of SPEE3D’s patented technology in the form of WarpSPEE3D, the Phaser Nozzle and TwinSPEE3D software automation, empowers companies like HAMR to benefit from a rapid turnaround in part production, cost savings, and enhanced material quality, allowing them to surpass competitors and establish themselves as industry leaders in the AM landscape.

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