History of Cold Spray

Cold Spray History timeline

What is Cold Spray? Cold Spray (CS) is a deposition process and is part of the thermal spray family. This method accelerates powder particles through a rocket nozzle at a…

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Introducing XSPEE3D


The World’s Fastest All In One Containerised Metal 3D Printer XSPEE3D is fully transportable as a standard shipping container with the printer and all auxiliary equipment in one box. The…

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What Is Additive Manufacturing?

WarpSPEE3D front view - 1920x1440

Additive manufacturing is a sustainable concept of production, whereby factories strive to satisfy the needs of their customers and tap into the natural world for its resources. This philosophy has…

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Is 3D Printed Metal Strong?


For businesses that manufacture metal components, engineering firms or foundries, 3D printing is highly recommendable and quickly evolving into a supreme form of production. While previously 3D printing’s unique computerised…

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