Der erste LightSPEE3D-Drucker ist in Europa eingetroffen

28. November 2017

After a very successful launch of LightSPEE3D at Formnext 2017 in Frankfurt, Germany the printer was installed at a local technical college, Ludwig-Geissler-Schule (LGS), located in Hanau.  The installation of the printer was very well appreciated by the head of the school Dr. Kurt Herget and the Mayor of the city of Hanau Mr. Axel Weiss-Thiel, The move was supported by SPEE3D’s European Sales manager Thorsten Stroh.

This installation at the LGS in Hanau, Germany opens the door for SPEE3D in Europe with the ability to now offer the many  potential customers the option to visit, see and test the LightSPEE3D printer. This testing will give customers the chance to print their own parts for ongoing validation of the printing process and to get a better understanding of the options the printer will offer for them. The SPEE3D technology is not limited to prototyping or small volume part runs. It is also economic for part runs up to a 10.000 pcs/a.

“SPEE3D is looking forward to a very interesting year with the printer on site at the LGS” Dr. Herget expressed to reporters at the launch.

The first printing will take place on December 1st at an Open Day event of the LGS. Many companies and interested people have already expressed interest in coming to see the printer in action.