Manufacture Your Application with a SPEE3D Machine

Are you looking to have your application manufactured with a SPEE3D machine?

We are proud to have a global network of partners who can help you generate the application you need. Our partners are experts in the manufacturing process and have access to reliable technicians with the expertise to operate advanced manufacturing equipment, who can fabricate your application quickly and efficiently.

Contact one of our partners listed below for further information on your project inquiry.


Nupress - Australia

Our WarpSPEE3D is now at the Nupress facility in Cardiff, Australia. Nupress is a leading first-class manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies with over 50 years of expertise. WarpSPEE3D is now accessible through a metal 3D printing subscription. The subscription model offers one to six slots, each delivering 25 hours per month of printing for 12 months. Inquire with Nupress today to secure your slot.

Location: 11 Nelson Road, CARDIFF, NSW 2285, Australia


3D in Metal - El Salvador

Our WarpSPEE3D is available at 3D in Metal’s El Salvador site. With 3D in Metal, 3D meets industrial metal applications, and offers the equivalent of a digital foundry at your service. 3D in Metal is an additive manufacturing service bureau, equipment and software distributor and consulting company focused exclusively on metals for industrial applications. 3D in Metal uses state-of-the-art equipment and software for pre-processing, 3D printing and post-processing, to provide designers, engineers, OEMs and contract manufacturers the freedom, flexibility and capability needed to take advantage of metals’ full potential.

Location: Soyapango, El Salvador