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SPEE3DCraft: Additive Manufacturing Experts Develop Ground-breaking Metal 3D Printing Simulator

Official SPEE3DCraft Teaser

Built by Additive Manufacturing (AM) experts, SPEE3DCraft is an unparalleled, free-to-download metal 3D printing simulator, designed to provide an engaging virtual insight into real-life metal 3D printing processes.

This April SPEE3D will release SPEE3DCraft , the first end-to-end metal manufacturing simulator. SPEE3DCraft has been designed to provide craftsmen and 3D printing enthusiasts an intuitive virtual experience into real-life metal 3D printing methods using the same tools and equipment developed by SPEE3D.

SPEE3DCraft was built by an in-house team and reviewed by Additive Manufacturing (AM) experts to provide users the most authentic AM experience possible. In this multi-level simulator, individuals interact with the same real-world SPEE3D technology and machinery to design, print, post-process and supply metal parts. 

SPEE3D CTO and Co-Founder Steven Camilleri states: “It looks like a game. It has level environments. A time challenge. But at the same time, it’s not really a game because this simulator shows what metal 3D printing actually involves. We are hoping this simulator will provide people a helpful insight into SPEE3D’s processes, how they can use it to benefit themselves and their own industry”.

Over several months, game developers incorporated the process of SPEE3D’s high speed metal 3D printing technology into a working virtual application. Several environments in the simulator involve actual locations where SPEE3D’s technology has been used and proven to work, such as the Australian outback. SPEE3DCraft’s official trailer will be released shortly before the simulator’s launch. SPEE3DCraft is planned for release April the 16th 2021.

To learn more about SPEE3DCraft visit

An image featuring a screenshot of the SPEE3DCraft simulator developed by SPEE3D.