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SPEE3D are at the forefront of innovation – The Hon Ben Carroll MP

Minister for Industry and Employment Ben Carroll today toured Dandenong based SPEE3D to see the workings of its renowned LightSPEE3D metal-based 3D printer, which can manufacture components across a range of sectors.

The technology enables SPEE3D to manufacture components in single or high-volume production quantities at speeds that are 100 to 1,000 times faster than traditional metal 3D print technologies.

The majority of LightSPEE3D’s parts are produced within Victoria and SPEE3D is undertaking prototyping work for numerous local manufacturers, as well as for some of the biggest global manufacturing companies.

As Victoria’s manufacturing sector moves away from the automotive industry, the State is well placed to become an advanced manufacturing centre.

SPEE3D believes Victoria can support the development of manufacturing by increasing access to global customers with the know-how and financial resources to adopt and invest in new technologies.

Quotes attributable to Minister for Industry and Employment Ben Carroll

“Victoria is the hub of advanced manufacturing and companies like SPEE3D are at the forefront of innovation with its 3D printing technology.”

“Manufacturing is growing from strength to strength and we will continue to support this important industry into the future.”