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Rapidly manufacture durable metal parts on demand at the point of need.




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A breakthrough expeditionary solution

Defence organizations—and the equipment manufacturers that support them—face a unique set of challenges when it comes to maintenance and repair. Automated Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) addresses those challenges directly, making it easy to keep vehicles and equipment up and running.

  • Proven and tested with the U.S., UK, and AUS Departments of Defence
  • Strong, durable metal parts in hours, not days
  • Reduced downtime

SPEE3D partners

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An answer to globalization

Today, global suppliers are responsible for 80% of raw material production, making supply chain a critical bottleneck in sourcing parts. By enabling defence organizations to manufacture their own metal parts on demand at the point of need, our automated CSAM effectively supports military self-reliance.

  • Platform-agnostic; make parts for any vehicle from any country
  • Defence-grade metals, including aluminium 6061 and aluminium bronze
  • Reduced reliance on GLOCs, air bridges, and theatre-level logistical hubs


Eliminate your reliance on supply chains

Our automated CSAM makes it possible for warfighters to manufacture their own metal parts without special training—when and where they need them. This allows them to avoid the risks, time investment, and costs associated with transporting finished metal parts into the field.

  • Automation that eliminates the need for special training or expertise
  • Containerized, ruggedized, and ready to deploy
  • High-density, highly usable parts