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Advance your research

Help power a bright future for the world’s fastest cold spray AM technology.

Create new avenues of research inquiry

Our automated Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology allows you to experiment with novel alloys, qualified metals, or multi-material blends that haven’t been invented yet—all in record time.

  • Manufacture metal parts, tensile bars, coupons, or industrial-grade components
  • Eliminate the need for expensive gases
  • Choose from four qualified materials (6061 aluminium, 316L stainless steel, pure copper, and aluminium-bronze)

Accelerate workforce development

Our patented technology dramatically reduces operating costs while delivering immediate commercial applications—giving you a unique opportunity collaborate with local industry without sacrificing your entire operating budget.

  • Access workforce development grants
  • Provide extensive hands-on experience
  • Offer one-off MRO services

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This investment emphasizes the importance of workforce development and collaboration between Missouri universities and manufacturers to embrace advanced manufacturing technologies.

—Missouri S&T