Industry Applications


Contract Manufacturing

SPEE3D technology empowers contract manufactures and 3D print bureaus to offer new capabilities and services to their clients. SPEE3D can also offer businesses regional exclusivity to this superior technology.

OEM Production

SPEE3D eliminates the long lead times of outsourcing and empowers original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to insource the production of metal components. This allows manufacturers to simplify and take full control of the production process.

operator recording operation of oil and gas process at oil and rig plant, offshore oil and gas industry, offshore oil and rig in the sea, operator monitor production process, routine daily record.

Parts on Demand

Many industries including Defense, Oil and Gas, Mining, Rail and Marine currently rely on complex logistics to source spare parts for the sustainment of operations. The adoption of SPEE3D technology allows these industries access to parts on-demand, reducing costly downtime and building their internal capability.

Research and Development

SPEE3D technology enables research facilities and universities to expand the scope of their research offering. Becoming an expert in SPEE3D technology elevates an organisation’s leadership in the field of Additive Manufacturing.

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