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Lessons from Defence

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Power at the point of need

Recently, we’ve seen defence organizations around the globe leveraging the power of automated Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) to create strong, durable metal parts right at the point of need.


Because it enables them to keep equipment, vehicles, and infrastructure up and running.

Because it maximizes efficiency and minimizes reliance on supply chains.

Because it dramatically improves resilience and readiness—and protects militaries and civilians alike.

The need is so great—and the stakes so high—that the U.S. Department of Defense and AUS Defence Force recently supplied Ukraine with a total of ten SPEE3D printers, enabling forces on the frontlines to repair broken or damaged machinery in hours.

In fact, defence organizations across the globe have had little choice but to rapidly maximize the value they get from SPEE3D technology.

In doing so, they’ve paved the way for commercial organizations to effectively follow suit.

Not all metal parts are created equal

From vehicle door handles and latches to precision tools, alternator shields, and bilge pump housings, defence organizations often need to fabricate a wide range of non-safety-critical metal parts in the field—many of which are ideal candidates for automated CSAM technology.

However, knowing which parts to prioritize is critical to both warfighter safety and the success of the mission.

The same holds true for commercial organizations—which is why we work with customers across every industry to manufacture metal parts efficiently and strategically.

Daily CSAM is effective CSAM

Because our automated CSAM technology is software-driven, it’s been easy for defence organizations to incorporate it into everyday problem-solving exercises. And the more integrated into daily workflows it’s become, the more value our customers have been able to get from it.

Key examples include:

The same advantages hold true in the commercial sector—anywhere time, budgets, safety, and security are pressing challenges that demand a rapid, proven solution.

Make our CSAM a daily reality and reap long-term rewards that make a significant impact on your bottom line.

There’s no “i” in “bespoke”

Like any other kind of organization, defence organizations often require bespoke metal parts—which means working closely with SPEE3D experts to bring unique project requirements from concept to reality.

One example currently in the works is our ongoing collaboration with the Applied Research Laboratory at Pennsylvania State University, where researchers are confirming that SPEE3D technology can meet the rigorous engineering, quality, and safety requirements of the U.S. Navy Submarine Safety (SUBSAFE) program.

Learnings like these can be of particular value to commercial organizations operating in high-consequence environments.

But whoever the customer and whatever the application, we believe partnership is the key to progress. And our success with defence organizations has enabled us to create a template that maximizes the impact and value of customer collaboration.

Put our automated CSAM to work

From helping you choose the right CSAM solution to enabling you to adopt the right strategy to empowering you to get the most out of your SPEE3D technology, we continue to leverage lessons from the defence industry to help our commercial customers conquer their challenges and reach their goals.

How would it work for your organization?

Let us show you.

Email us at to arrange a demonstration.