Introducing LIGHTSPEE3D

The world’s first metal based 3D printer utilising supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D). The technology manufactures fast, low-cost, near net shape parts suitable for commercial and industrial applications.

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Ultra high speed

100 – 1000 times faster than traditional 3D printing.

The revolutionary SP3D process delivers speeds up to 100g per minute which is 100 – 1000 times faster than other 3d printers. This copper flywheel took just 11 minutes and 38 seconds to print.

Insert image of copper flywheel.

Low cost manufacturing

The LightSPEE3D printer is a superior manufacturing machine able to produce high density parts at accelerated speeds for a low cost, surpassing all traditional casting methods. It is fully customisable, choose to print one-off productions or run up to 10,000.

metal 3d printing - AM VS Casting cost comparision

Revolutionising manufacturing

The LightSPEE3D machine is revolutionising manufacturing by offering low cost, casting grade parts that are ideal for commercial and industrial applications. To keep costs low the printer does not use inert gases, just air. The only cost to run is power and a low-cost generic powder.

Insert video of robotic arm

Patented technology – the first of it's kind

SPEE3D’s patented technology uses SUPERSONIC DEPOSITION in which a rocket nozzle accelerates air up to three times the speed of sound – no heat required.

Injected powders are deposited onto a substrate that is attached to a six-axis robotic arm. This process is called ‘Supersonic 3D Deposition’ or ‘SP3D’.

The sheer kinetic energy of the particles cause the powders to bind together to form a high density part with normal metallurgical properties.

Input video of robotic arm functioning


Metal 3D printer spee3d dimensions

Build area

300 x 300 x 300mm


Up to 100g/min