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Stainless Steel 316

Material characteristics

Corrosion resistance, ductile.


Valve bodies, manifolds, chemical processing, marine applications, especially where corrosion resistance is an advantage.

316 Stainless Steel
SPEE3D as heat treated microstructure

Element Percentage
C <0.03%
S <0.015%
Mo 2.5%
Ni 12.5%
Mn <0.2%
Cr 16.5%
Ti 0.01%
Si 1%
Fe Bal
Material properties
CAST (reference) SPEE3D PRINTED WROUGHT (reference)
Standard ASTM A743 Annealed CF3M 316L printed and heat treated ASTM A276 Annealed 316L
Yield Strength (MPa) ASTM E82 170 200 (min) 170
Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM E82 485 450 (min) 485
Elongation at break (%) ASTM E82 30 15 (min) 40
Hardness Vickers (Hv1kgF) ASTM E18 150 145 (typ) 150

2. Specimens tested according to ASTM E8.