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Aluminum Bronze

Material characteristics

Corrosion resistance, anti-fouling, high-strength.


Housings, pump and valve bodies, impellers, bushings, low-duty gears, trunnions, brackets, bearing blocks, especially where corrosion resistance is an advantage.

SPEE3D as heat treated microstructure

Element Percentage
Si <0.1%
O <0.05%
P <0.005%
Bi <0.01%
Zn <0.005%
Pb <0.005%
Fe <0.01%
Al 8%
Cu Bal
Material properties
CAST (reference) SPEE3D PRINTED WROUGHT (reference)
Standard C85400 Brass spec3 Aluminium Bronze as heat treated4 CW305G spec5
Yield Strength (MPa) ASTM E82 76 160 (min) 180
Ultimate Tensile Strength (MPa) ASTM E82 207 300 (min) 420
Elongation at break (%) ASTM E82 20 8 (min) 20
Hardness Brinell (HB) ASTM E18 45 87 (typ) 100

1.Properties shown reflect beta processing parameters. Properties were obtained for heat treatment loads between 0.2 kg and 3 kg.

2.Specimens tested according to ASTM E8.

3.From ASTM standard B271.

4.Samples were heat treated according to SPEE3D’s standard operating procedure.

5.From standard EN 12165:1998.

Listed designations are for reference purposes only. Composition and mechanical properties may vary. End-use material performance is impacted (+/-) by certain factors including but not limited to part geometry and design, application and evaluation conditions.