Deliver total support with the only deployable metal manufacturing

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From the factory to the field

Delays. Inefficiencies. Security breaches. For today’s original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and the critical missions they support, supply chains can be fraught with risk. Now, we’ve made it possible to make industrial-grade metal on demand in the factory and in the field—so you can control the production process and provide critical care at the point of need.

  • Reduced reliance on supply chains
  • Time to finished part in hours, not days
  • Containerized, ruggedized & ready to deploy

Patented metal manufacturing technology

Our breakthrough cold spray innovation has revolutionized metal manufacturing lead times. On the factory floor, it’s delivering a critical advantage without requiring deep technical expertise. In the field, it’s enabling OEMs to support their customers’ most critical missions.

  • Rapid build rates—3.5 ounces/minute or 100 grams/minute
  • Industrial-grade metals, including pure copper, aluminum 6061 and aluminum bronze
  • “Digital twin” tech that simplifies and accelerates repair in the field

Gain a Competitive Advantage

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Building a better defense

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