Mission-critical equipment at the point of need

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From the factory to the field to the front lines

SPEE3D’s breakthrough cold spray technology revolutionizes metal manufacturing, making it possible to produce industrial-grade metal parts at the point of need—at 3.5oz. (100g)/min. For Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) and defense leaders, it’s powering a whole new world of warfighter support.

  • Reduced reliance on supply chains, GLOCs, air bridges and logistical hubs
  • Finished parts in hours, not days
  • Total support at the point of need

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The world’s only deployable metal manufacturing

Developed in collaboration with the Australian Army in 2021, our cold spray system was engineered expressly for military deployment—and uses patented technology to produce large, full-density metal parts on demand.

  • Containerized, ruggedized and ready to deploy
  • Proven and tested with the U.S., UK and AUS Departments of Defense
  • Industrial-grade metals, including pure copper, aluminum 661 and aluminum bronze

Building a better defense

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