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Welcome to the SPEE3D blog.

New Site. Same Vision.

New Site On Screen

Welcome to the new SPEE3D website.

It reflects our continued progress with cold spray additive manufacturing.

With the world of metal additive manufacturing changing so fast and innovation reshaping the industry every day, we know it’s critical to adapt and evolve—fast.

And as we do, we’ll share all the latest news, breakthroughs, and opportunities here.

Why a new website?

Within the last year alone, new client applications have steered SPEE3D technologies in new directions. New hardware, new parts, new industries—the innovation is constant.

That means we’re constantly flexing to support our customers as new needs and challenges arise—and want our website to capture this evolution.

We know that as our research advances, we’ll discover new ways of tapping into the remarkable potential of cold spray additive manufacturing—and new ways of putting that power into your hands.

And the site is where you’ll be able to follow along.

Parts Closeup
Worker At Outdoor Installation

What’ll you find here?

Did you know our breakthrough rocket nozzle sprays metal materials four times faster than the speed of sound?

Did you know our technologies are being used to support Ukrainian military operations?

Did you know our automation software lets you produce metal parts directly from your CAD files?

Explore the new website and you’ll find plenty of things you may not know about us.

What’s next?

You tell us.

New applications are creating new opportunities every day—and yours could be the next one to break new ground.

Either way, we’re proud to remain a revolutionary force in the industry—and proud to help our customers overcome the unique challenges of making large, strong metal parts efficiently, affordably, and faster than ever thought possible.

Stay tuned to our blog and join us on a journey through the modern world of metal manufacturing.

The SPEE3D Team