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Nupress and SPEE3D Partnership Brings Patented Cold Spray Technology To Australian Manufacturers

Unique subscription-based model democratizes access to the company’s additive manufacturing technology to quickly print large metal parts and help solve supply chain issues for local Australian businesses.

We are excited to announce that our WarpSPEE3D printer will be hosted at the Nupress headquarters in Australia. Meaning local Australian manufacturers and businesses will be able to access the machine through a subscription without having to lease or purchase it.

This unique subscription model will provide Nupress’s existing clients in the mining, building, aerospace, defence, and medical industries, and other Australian manufacturers access to SPEE3D’s patented cold-spray technology. Providing them the opportunity to source parts locally and quickly from a selection of 12 different metals.

Nupress is a leading manufacturer of precision machined components and assemblies with over 50 years of expertise. Together with SPEE3D, the game-changing subscription service will enable Nupress clients and other Australian manufactures to produce parts at the time of need, rather than waiting weeks or months via other supply chains. Because metal parts can now be sourced locally, this will help manufacturing companies improve their operations and reduce costs – many of which have been impacted negatively due to ongoing global supply chain issues. The subscription model offers one to six slots, each delivering 25 hours per month of printing for 12 months.

WarpSPEE3D, the technology that will be available at Nupress on a subscription based service for local Australian organisations.

“Democratizing access to SPEE3D’s WarpSPEED printer will help solve real-world problems around broken supply chains, manufacturing challenges, and massive delays for some of the world’s most significant industries. Local Australian companies can now access our technology thanks to Nupress, enabling smaller production runs, prototyping needs, material developments, and other advanced manufacturing capabilities.” – Steven Camilleri, Co-Founder, and CTO of SPEE3D.

Nupress Logo. Nupress are to host WarpSPEE3D at their Australian facility based in Cardiff, NSW.

“For decades, Nupress has discussed turning our customers’ printing visions into reality, and we are excited to partner with SPEE3D to offer a best-in-class solution for metal additive manufacturing. Beyond the exceptional technology, SPEE3D shares our “first class” commitment to developing new printing materials that will broaden the opportunities across many industries and applications”. – Craig McWilliam, CEO of Nupress.

To learn more about this opportunity, visit Nupress’s website at or contact them directly at or +(61) 02 4903 9300