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Recapping a Month of SPEE3D Live Events and Tradeshows

This September we participated in several successful tradeshows and live printer demonstrations around the world. 

Over the past few weeks, SPEE3D has been on an international journey, attending tradeshows from Aberdeen to Poland. Each event has been a unique opportunity to connect with industry professionals and showcase our innovative, deployable 3D metal printing technology. From engaging discussions to intriguing presentations, here’s a rundown of our experience.

SPE Offshore Europe 2023

September 5 – September 8

SPEE3D Marketing Director Julie Beck, and Director of Corporate Programs EMEA, David McNeill celebrates a successful end of OE2023.

We exhibited at the 50th SPE Offshore Europe conference in Aberdeen, this year’s focus was sustainability. As new members of the Additive Manufacturer Green Trade Association (AMGTA), one of our goals at the show was to educate customers about the environmental benefits of our tech.

Our advanced cold spray additive manufacturing technology attracted the attention of industry-leading oil and gas corporations, their logistics counterparts, and suppliers. We had great discussions that focused on the potential for on-demand and on-site metal printing for on and offshore operations, and how cold spray technology could provide a sustainable alternative to traditional casting methods.

Fabtech 2023

 September 11 – September 14

(Left) SPEE3D Jennifer Howe Senior Business Development Director Central Region, and (right) Application Engineer, Mark Bashor, explain the SPEE3D process to Fabtech Attendees.
(Left) Jennifer Howe Senior Business Development Director Central Region, (Middle) Application Engineer, Mark Bashor, and (right) Marketing Director, Julie Beck

We also attended Fabtech, North America’s largest event for metal forming, fabricating, welding, and finishing. At the Additive Manufacturing pavilion, we had the opportunity to interact with manufacturing companies interested in integrating additive technologies into their processes. Our unique patented automated additive manufacturing process attracted attention from companies eager to understand how SPEE3D technology could significantly enhance their operational efficiency and resolve issues for unique applications crucial for their business.


September 21 – September 22

At the Joint Direct Attack Munitions Maintenance Improvement Team (JDAMMIT), we presented three LightSPEE3D metal 3D printing demos over two days, attracting over 250 attendees from the US Defence sector; including personnel from the Marine Corps Base in Okinawa, Japan, and the West Point Military Academy.

Demonstrations led by our VP of Defense Americas, Chris Harris, and Application Engineer, Mark Bashor, highlighted our technology’s unique speed and process used by Defence forces in Australia, the US, the UK, and Japan to successfully address supply chain and application challenges for crucial metal parts on base, or on the frontline. We appreciate Harrisburg University of Science and Technology for hosting us and letting us showcase our deployable AM technology. 

Open House Poland

September 7

Attendee photographs SPEE3D Alkin Compressor for WarpSPEE3D.
(Left) Director of European Defence Programmes, Calum Stewart, and (right) CTO and Founder, Steven Camilleri speak with Polish industry stakeholder.

In Poland, we had the opportunity to host an Open House at the Bryk facility and showcase live WarpSPEE3D metal 3D printing demonstrations to 40+ local Polish manufacturers and various key industry stakeholders. The event was led by our CTO and Founder, Steven Camilleri, Director of European Defence Programmes Calum Stewart, and Chief Sales Officer, Paul Maloney. The event was a great success, revealing the sector’s enthusiasm for the future adoption of Additive Manufacturing (AM) technologies, like ours, in Poland. 

ReAM3D 2023

September 25 – September 27

Director of Corporate Programs EMEA, David McNeill, presents to key Middle East and Global Energy Sector stakeholders on the SPEE3D Cold Spray Process.
(Left) Director of Corporate Programs EMEA, David McNeill, and (right) Jennifer Howe Senior Business Development Director Central Region at the SPEE3D ReAM3D booth.

At ReAM3D, our Director of Corporate Programs EMEA, David McNeill, presented SPEE3D’s patented Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) process, highlighting its future role in a sustainable Energy industry with fast, custom metal parts production.

The event underlined the ambition of the GCC and the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology’s (MOIAT) Industry 4.0 Transformation program for industrialisation, local capability development, and reduced reliance on imported parts and traditional supply chains, using AM technologies. David McNeill demonstrated how our technology could improve uptime, inventory management, and reduce environmental impact for remote energy industries, despite regulatory adoption challenges within the Emirati industry, and globally.

How we can help:

As a global leader in metal additive manufacturing, our patented technology makes the production of replacement metal parts faster, more accessible, and cost-effective for businesses worldwide. Each event provided us the opportunity to showcase our technology, establish new relationships, and deliver innovative solutions with our unique cold spray AM process across Defence, Manufacturing, and Energy industries. We appreciate everyone who came to see us to learn more about our technology.

To find out about more about how our technology, learn more about SPEE3D’s productsSPEE3D’s upcoming events, and cold spray, or to just find out more about metal additive manufacturing, feel free to email us at or call us: 

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