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Phillips Federal adds SPEE3D Additive Manufacturing capabilities to US Army’s Rock Island Arsenal

Phillips Federal, a division of Phillips Corporation, Hannover, Maryland, USA, has added the metal Additive Manufacturing technologies of SPEE3D, Melbourne, Australia, to support its Public Private Partnership (P3) and Additive Manufacturing programmes at the US Army’s Rock Island Arsenal (RIA).

SPEE3D machines use Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing, working on a cold fusion principle where compressed air is used to fuse powders, meaning no volatile gases or heat sources are required to bond layers together. In recent Australian Army field trials, the company’s LightSPEE3D and WarpSPEE3D machines have proven robust enough for austere environments such as the field of combat, making them an ideal expeditionary solution for building components on demand at the point of need.

Byron Kennedy SPEE3D CEO, commented, “This is another very exciting announcement for SPEE3D and the DoD forces. This RIA programme, in parallel with similar projects happening with The Royal Australian Navy, Army, and Special Forces, will enable the world’s Defence Forces to grow sovereign capability and lead the world in the field of Additive Manufacturing.”

John Harrison, President of Phillips Federal, added, “We are very pleased to join forces with SPEE3D at RIA. Their unique technology and capabilities will be located at RIA’s Center of Excellence for Advanced Manufacturing in the support of developing future applications for expeditionary forces. SPEE3D adds another terrific dimension to our P3’s growing scope of additive solutions supporting RIA’s manufacturing innovation objectives.”