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PRESS RELEASE; Aussie Metal 3D Printing Company on Global Fast Track

For Immediate Release

MELBOURNE, June 13, 2019

Aussie Metal 3D Printing Company on Global Fast Track

Australian company SPEE3D have developed the world’s first metal 3D printer leveraging Supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D) technology to deliver manufacturing grade printing at production speeds. The technology allows operators to print industrial quality metal parts in just minutes, however it’s the speed of international installation that shows this Aussie company has shifted into top gear.

SPEE3D installed five industrial printers in the last three weeks with one located at Swinburne University in Melbourne and another featured at the Australian National Manufacturing Week. At the same time machines were being installed internationally with a WarpSPEE3D printer being added to the FIT print bureau in Germany. The WarpSPEE3D is the second of two SPEE3D machines now in use at FIT. In the United States machines were also installed at Rapid TCT in Detroit and the University of Delaware.

Larry (LJ) Holmes, the Assistant Director of the Digital Design and Additive Manufacturing, Centre for Composite Materials, at the University of Delaware said “The LightSPEE3D printer we had installed is running great. It’s also easy to operate, SPEE3D trained one of our staff who was then able to train other operators. The team are now using the machine every day.”

SPEE3D Co-founder and CEO Byron Kennedy said “ Typically, 3D printers of this size and complexity require up to two weeks to install and set up, however SPEE3D printers can be installed in a matter of hours. We’ve had machines delivered at 9am and printing parts by lunch time.”

SPEE3D Printing Design Challenge

During this busy time SPEE3D also launched its inaugural, “Supersonic 3D Printing Design Challenge” challenging 3D printing communities worldwide to present the Best Application Design(s) using SPEE3D’s LightSPEE3D and large format WarpSPEE3D printers.

When: Entries open until July 31, 2019.

Challenge registration, submissions, details and entry rules.

About SPEE3D

SPEE3D is focused on making manufacturing easier. SPEE3D provides manufacturers with the world’s first metal 3D printer to use supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D), a patented technology that enables significantly faster, cost-effective and more scalable production than traditional metal printing techniques allow. Headquartered in Melbourne, SPEE3D is committed to helping manufacturers print their parts, their way, when they need them.

For more information contact:

Aerin Langworthy, Marketing, SPEE3D

(+61) 404 879 709