LightSPEE3D 3D Metal Printer

Print Metal Parts Ø350mm x 300mm

The world’s first metal 3D printer to use patented SPEE3D technology, enabling significantly faster, more cost-effective and more scalable production than traditional manufacturing.

The SPEE3D process is also 100 to 1000 times faster than traditional 3D metal printing, making it the world’s fastest way to turn your design into a usable printed metal part.

Watch the printer in action

Printed part examples

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Easy to Use


Design your
part in CAD


SPEE3D software
self programs the
print design


Check the print simulation in the TwinSPEED3D software


Load feedstock
powder in printer


Press print on the
HMI touchscreen


Take out your
printed part


Post process (tumble, machine or polish) if required


How is the process so fast?

Rather than using heat to melt metal powders, SPEE3D developed ‘Supersonic 3D Deposition’. This is the name given to the patented process in which a rocket nozzle accelerates air up to three times the speed of sound, into which metal powder is injected then deposited onto a substrate maneuvered by a six-axis robotic arm. In this process the sheer kinetic energy of the particles hitting each other causes the powders to bind together to form a high density part with metallurgical properties superior to casting.

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum part size

    Ø350 x 300mm (27L)

  • Maximum part weight

    4 kg

  • Deposition rate

    100g/minute (maximum)

  • Materials

    Copper, Aluminium

  • Deposition spot size

    6 mm

  • Electrical Power Supply

    415V (3 phase), 32A socket

  • Compressed Air Supply

    30Bar, 1.0m3/min

  • Noise

    < 85dBA @1m

  • Machine footprint

    3130 x 1460 x 2325mm

  • Machine weight

    Approx 2500kg

  • External Compressor

    30Bar, 15kW, 3 stage reciprocating

  • CAD input

    STL format

  • User Interface

    Touch Screen