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Thank you for joining us at the RAPID+TCT 2023 ! 

It was great to see crowds of people come to see our printer, LightSPEE3D, print parts live at the show, and learn about the deployable capabilities of our technology, which includes our latest containerized, expeditionary metal 3D printer – XSPEE3D

Our booth featured various parts ideal for many industries, including Defence, Natural Resources, and OEM applications.

One of the many parts you could see on display included these impressive s5000 V8 Support Arms. Originally printed for Gary Roger’s Motorsport’s V8 Open Wheeler at the 2022 Melbourne Grand Prix. Watch our video to see how we printed these Support Arms: 

Another highlight was the Electrical Motor Terminal Box case study, initially created for a large Australian mining company. With a weight of 6.5kg/14.3lbs, this part had a combined print time of just 2.5 hours!

Check out our case study video on this part: 

Because our process is so fast, (able to print parts up to 100g/3.5oz a minute), we printed over 30 parts during the three days at RAPID and TCT, including a Cooling Block, Rocket Nozzle Liner, and V8 inlet manifold runner, each with a print time between 10 – 37 minutes. 

SPEE3D’s Senior Business Development Director, Jennifer Howe, explaining to a group the SPEE3D process. In her hand is a freshly-printed 1.9kg/4.2lb V8 Inlet Manifold Runner, print time: 33 minutes.
SPEE3D Applications Engineer, Mark Bashor, starts a new print for a 0.9kg/2 lbs Copper Cooling Block. Print time: 10 minutes.

At the show, we also had our valued partners at our booth, Alkin, Comet, and Diversitech, who provide customized solutions for SPEE3D’s printers. Their technologies were represented alongside ours. 

RAPID also presented a great opportunity to showcase the research article co-authored by our CTO and industry experts, featured in (pgs. 137-149). Entitled “What is Good Metal AM? Exploring the Industry’s Value Metrics for Production,” the article examines metal additive manufacturing’s value and suggests a framework to help organizations determine the most suitable processes for their needs. 

To everyone who attended this year and came to see us, we hope you had a great time learning about how you can make metal anywhere and on demand with SPEE3D technology. 

How We Can Help  

To find out about more about SPEE3D’s upcoming events, about cold spray and SPEE3D’s products or to just find out more about metal additive manufacturing, feel free to email us at or call us:  

Australia: +61 (03) 8759 1464 | USA: +1 877-908-9369 | Europe: + 44 (808) 196-2931 | UK: 808-196-2931