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SPEE3D Inaugural Winner of US Military Expeditionary Manufacturing Award

Australian company SPEE3D wins the inaugural Expeditionary & Tactical 3D Printing Excellence Award from the US Defense Strategies Institute for deployable additive manufacturing.

The outstanding contribution SPEE3D’s technology has made to furthering the manufacturing capability of Defense was recognised by the US Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) at their 6th Military Additive Manufacturing Summit, which took place in Tampa, Florida. At the summit, SPEE3D was announced as the inaugural winner of the Defense Strategies Institute’s Award for Expeditionary & Tactical 3D Printing Excellence.

Defense Strategies Institute’s inaugural Award for Expeditionary & Tactical 3D Printing Excellence

The Defense Strategies Institute (DSI) is a non-partisan Institute designed to assist in advancing the mission critical goals of the United States’ Military and Government. They are also the organisers of the Annual Military Additive Manufacturing Summit event which enables thought leaders & key policymakers across military services, Defense agencies, & civilian organizations to come together for actionable discussions & debate. The 2022 Military Additive Manufacturing Summit focused on advancements made in the 3D printing space, as well as how the DoD is working to quickly integrate AM technologies in order to supply durable, affordable equipment & parts to the Warfighter in the battlespace. 

We had an incredible number of entries this year from various esteemed government, Defense industry and Defense prime organizations based in the US, and internationally. The 3D Printing Awards is dedicated to recognizing individuals, or groups, that have exemplified an outstanding achievement in 3D printing in support of DoD mission priorities. We would like to congratulate all of the recipients making waves in the Advanced Manufacturing space to improve Defense sovereign capability,states Richard Giordano, Director of Programs at the Defense Strategies Institute. 

Since 2020, SPEE3D, and the Australian Army, have conducted several field trials, taking their WarpSPEE3D tactical printer far out into the rugged bushland of Mount Bundey, and Bradshaw Training Areas. At these locations, the Australian Army’s Additive Manufacturing Cell (AMC) technicians manufactured dozens of case studies, proving that it is possible to 3D print, replace, validate, certify, and put to use metal applications in the field. 

Steven Camilleri, CEO of SPEE3D states, “SPEE3D is very proud and humbled to be recognized in the US for our work with Defense. We must acknowledge that the Australian Army’s dedication to pursuing new innovation with us has been the backbone of our success. Their commitment to this project helped develop the groundwork for a better sovereign manufacturing future for Defense forces worldwide”. 

Developed in Australia, SPEE3D’s metal 3D printing technology offers the world’s fastest and most economical additive manufacturing capability. It is also the world’s only proven capability that is able to be successfully deployed, and instantaneously 3D manufacture and supply metal parts on demand in remote, harsh environments.

SPEE3D At 6th Annual Military AM Summit alongside other awardees