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SPEE3D Partners With Missouri University S&T To Bring Metal AM Technology To Students And Community

Aerial view of Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T). Photo credit: Missouri (S&T)

The WarpSPEE3D Printer Will Give Academia and Businesses Access to AM Technology to Quickly Print Large Scale Metal Parts

We have partnered with Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T) to bring our metal additive manufacturing technology to the school’s Kummer Institute Center for Advanced Manufacturing. The school has purchased the WarpSPEE3D printer to address research manufacturing and industry supply chain needs, such as replacing castings and forgings. Additionally, there will be an emphasis on workforce development training for students.

The WarpSPEE3D will be located in the Center for Aerospace Manufacturing Technologies on campus, with plans to showcase it at the new Missouri Protoplex opening in 2025. This state-of-the-art facility will merge the local manufacturing needs of businesses and academia, serving as a hub for researching new materials, prototyping and testing new manufacturing processes, developing workforce competencies, and solving multi-discipline problems required to bring integrated cyber-physical manufacturing systems into practical use.

 “SPEE3D has been grateful to partner with leading academic institutions worldwide, and we’re thrilled a forward-thinking academic institution like Missouri S&T will bring the printing capabilities of the WarpSPEE3D to their students and the community. The partnership will showcase our unique cold spray technology, giving academia and businesses the ability to print large-scale parts quickly that would otherwise not be available.”

Steven Camilleri, SPEE3D Co-Founder and CTO
Warpspee3d Front View 1920x1440 1
WarpSPEE3D (above) will be soon be at Missouri University of Science and Technology (S&T)

Missouri S&T specifically chose WarpSPEE3D to better understand our proprietary metal cold spray technology and to address the immediate needs of the industry on a larger scale. WarpSPEE3D is the world’s first large-format metal 3D printer to use patented SPEE3D technology that enables significantly faster and more scalable production than traditional manufacturing. It builds parts up to 40kg or 88lbs and up with a diameter up to 1m by 700mm or 3’ by 2.5’ in hours versus days. This rapid speed transforms metal 3D printing from being useful for prototyping or low-volume production into a real-world manufacturing solution.

“The manufacturing academia community is quickly adopting new technologies such as additive manufacturing to train the future of the workforce and address real-world supply chain business needs. Understanding the capabilities of SPEE3D’s WarpSPEE3D printer will help us address different use cases for industry needs such as castings and forgings, which will help drive lower lead times, and drive domestic US manufacturing, including locally here in Missouri.”

Bradley Deuser, Kummer Institute Center for Advanced Manufacturing at Missouri University oS&T Assistant Research Professor and Manufacturing Engineer

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