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Speed Without Sacrifice

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Quality is not a corner we cut

Our patented Cold Spray Additive Manufacturing (CSAM) technology can outpace most—if not all—other metal 3D printers out there, enabling you to manufacture strong, high-density parts at 100g (3.5oz) a minute.

This is because rather than relying on high-powered lasers and expensive gases, our innovation uses the sheer force of kinetic energy to bind metal particles together.

But just because the process is fast doesn’t mean it requires you to sacrifice quality.

In fact, automated CSAM effectively improves the quality of your metal parts.

Here’s how.

Lower porosity. Higher density.

In our automated CSAM process, metal particles are sprayed at supersonic speeds onto the substrate to build your part in layers.

This means you can avoid melting or sintering metal powders, processes that can create tiny cavities that compromise part density.

What’s more, by eliminating the extreme heating and cooling processes that cause parts to expand and contract, automated CSAM puts fewer residual stresses on your part, lowering the risk that it will crack, warp, or distort.

That gives your part quite an edge:

Just how much of an edge?

Parts produced with our patented CSAM technology are all cast-equivalent or better, with densities at 98% or higher—depending on the material. (Our materials portfolio is constantly growing. Check here for a full list of materials currently in full release, in development, and coming soon.)

They’re so strong and safe, they’re currently being run through a rigorous quality assurance program to determine if they meet the strict engineering, quality, and safety requirements of the U.S. Navy.

But safety and strength are just the tip of the iceberg.

Size matters

Because our automated CSAM is performed in the open air without inert gases, our machines can print high-quality parts at larger sizes than previously possible.

WarpSPEE3D—the world’s first large format 3D printer to use our patented automated CSAM technology—builds parts up to 40kg (88lbs) and up with a diameter up to 1m by 700mm high.

This has made it perfect for high-stakes metal printing missions across the globe.

In the U.S., it recently became the first metal 3D printer to print sub-safe parts on a U.S. Naval ship.

In Japan, it’s helping the Japan Ground Self-Defense Force advance its 3D printing capabilities.

In Ukraine, it’s enabling soldiers on the frontlines to rapidly repair armored platforms and aging military equipment systems.

And it’s doing it all at unprecedented speeds that deliver unparalleled efficiencies.

Quality at breakneck speed

SPEE3D innovation in cold spray technology is reshaping the future of metal additive manufacturing.

We’re making the process simpler and easier with automation software. We’re making parts stronger and longer lasting. And we’re making it possible for organizations like yours to turn bold ideas into game-changing metal at unprecedented speeds.

Email us at to arrange a demonstration.