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HAMR’s Success with WarpSPEE3D: How they grew their business with Cold Spray

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Breakthrough technology like the phaser nozzle that powers our 3D printers has already begun to deliver significant returns on customer investment. And for relatively new companies like HAMR Industries LLC , it’s helped create not just a foothold in the market—but a true competitive advantage.

An R&D-focused enterprise, HAMR (Highly Advanced Materials Research) was launched to develop advanced materials for specialized applications— a process which, on average, takes around five to ten years.

However, while major long-term projects percolated, a more immediate cash flow challenge needed to be addressed. And by 2020, the solution had arrived in the form of additive manufacturing (AM).

Penn State alumni and HAMR founders Dr. Michael Schmitt and Dr. Jeremy Schreiber knew that aerospace, energy, and defense verticals represented significant AM market opportunities—as their customers consistently struggled to acquire large forgings and castings efficiently or cost-effectively.

But to seize on those opportunities and successfully compete in this new innovation space, the two would need to offer more than standard AM technology.

They’d need something revolutionary.

A new approach

Because HAMR sought to offer specialized production services that would require non-traditional alloys, and because they sought to manufacture large, complex parts faster and more affordably than the competition, they turned to cold spray AM—and to our WarpSPEE3D printer.

WarpSPEE3D’s large build plate and rapid print time allowed them to tackle both large-scale and intricate designs, work with alloys typical AM printers can’t handle, and significantly accelerate their ability to iterate and deliver advanced prototypes and products.

In turn, this enabled the team to seize on a number of business opportunities with clients in immediate need of complex designs for challenging environments—and quickly generate the revenue the company would need to support its longer-term R&D projects.

The company was able to land multiple DoD contracts and secure prototyping contracts and purchase orders with three Fortune 500 companies. And within a year of getting their WarpSPEE3D production system up and running, HAMR will double the size of their team—and is looking to double again within the next two years.

Patented technologies

The HAMR success story begins and ends with the breakthrough technologies powering WarpSPEE3D’s capabilities.

From a unique phaser nozzle that harnesses the power of kinetic energy to pioneering software that automates tool path development, WarpSPEE3D represents a significant leap in metal AM evolution.

And it’s enabling companies like HAMR to capitalize.

Rapid turnaround, reduced cost, and improved material quality are just some of the benefits HAMR has been able to pass along to its clients—enabling them to outpace the competition and become a true market leader.