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The SPEE3D Experience at RAPID+TCT 2022!

Recently, SPEE3D attended the RAPID + TCT Conference in Detroit Michigan. Our CEO, Byron Kennedy, as well as our Board Member, Kerri Lee Sinclair, were in attendance along with other employees. 

SPEE3D team member explaining the ‘rocket science’ behind our high-speed rocket nozzle technology
SPEE3D booth at RAPID+TCT 2022
RAPID+TCT visitor amazed at the incredible speeds of a LightSPEE3D metal 3D printer additively manufacturing a copper bracket

The conference was exciting for several reasons:

  1. We were able to showcase SPEE3D’s metal cold spray 3D printing process to attendees. Our technology is 1000 times faster than traditional 3D metal printing and enables the most affordable metal additive manufacturing process to produce industrial quality metal parts in minutes, from anywhere. While at the conference, attendees viewed the first cold spray 9kg Mag Wheel Centre – a very large part by AM standards – which was printed in just 5 ½ hours. This showcase was on the heels of the announcement of President Biden’s AM Forward Program – which is helping drive the wider adoption of 3D printing by promoting the technology to SME’s to help secure their supply chains, which have suffered as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. 
9kg SPEE3D Printed MAG Wheel on display
Non-Executive Director Kerri Lee Sinclair explains SPEE3D process to RAPID+TCT visitor
CEO, Byron Kennedy, presents on SPEE3D’s work in successfully supporting the development of the AM in-house capabilities of Defence
  1. We also announced that our technology was chosen by the US Navy for their Maintenance Technology Exercise (MAINTENX), As part of this program, SPEE3D will print military maritime parts from both port and sea helping reduce and eliminate supply chain issues with WarpSPEE3D, the world’s first large-format metal 3D printer. WarpSPEE3D can print large parts or multiple parts at once, up to 1000mm x 700mm / 40 x 30” in diameter, and up to 40kg / 100lb. We are thrilled to collaborate with the US Naval Warfare Centers to test and validate our unique metal 3D printing capability that can be used from anywhere – not just in a lab – and to quickly print large-scale parts that would otherwise take weeks or even months to manufacture.

The long trip from Australia to Michigan was certainly worth it, as we joined other additive manufacturing professionals to discuss how we can solve some of the biggest issues faced today within industries such as automotive and defense, and help curtail supply chain issues.

Crowds gather around LightSPEE3D printing metal parts in minutes
Birds eye view of SPEE3D’s Defence booth
SPEE3D CEO, Byron Kennedy, explains to a visitor how Defence manufactured the M113 Exhaust in the field
RAPID+TCT visitors fascinated by SPEE3D process
SPEE3D CEO, Byron Kennedy, showcases the SPEE3D printed s5000 Support Arm shown at the Grand Prix to a RAPID+TCT visitor
Copper Bracket printed on site at RAPID+TCT. Print time: 10 minutes.