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Where we came from/where we’re off to

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@AUManufacturing’s Brent Balinski recently spoke with SPEE3D co-founder Steven Camilleri to discuss the company’s past, present, and future.

The conversation outlines a remarkable journey for Steven and fellow founder Byron Kennedy, who had been working together for over 15 years by the time the company was founded in 2014.

The success of the duo’s previous venture, In Motion Technologies, helped them develop both keen entrepreneurial instincts and deep manufacturing expertise—both of which helped pave the way for SPEE3D’s rapid rise to market leadership.

Today, the company delivers the industry’s fastest metal 3D printing technology, enabling customers across industries and continents to rapidly manufacture durable metal parts whenever—and wherever—they need to.

Somewhere between hardware and software

In a world now dominated by Industry 4.0 and the breakneck advancement of digital technologies, SPEE3D offers a new kind of metal 3D printing service.

In Steven’s words: “Shardware.”

Software that requires hardware to be deployed.

In this case, automation software that uses patented algorithms to automate tool path development and an ultra-high-energy nozzle that uses compressed air to bond a wide range of metal powders.

This groundbreaking evolution of cold spray technology has had a profound impact on the metal manufacturing industry—and has quickly propelled SPEE3D to a uniquely prominent place among metal 3D printing companies.

A fresh take on innovation

This kind of success—fueled by this kind of out-of-the-box thinking—doesn’t just happen.

It requires a passionate commitment to problem-solving and a very particular approach to innovation itself.

For Steven, it comes down to two key attributes: professionalism and irreverence. It’s a combination of technical cleverness—the ability to do a lot with a little—and a knack for never accepting that something can’t be done.

For SPEE3D’s founders, it’s an attitude. For the company itself, it’s a cultural identity—one that’s helped them find new ways to solve old problems and create new possibilities for a wide variety of industries across the globe.

What the future holds

If there’s one thing that’s clear from Steven’s @AUManufacturing interview, it’s that incredible things lie ahead.

From new materials to greater accessibility to research being advanced in the field, the future of SPEE3D’s 3D metal printing is bright as can be. And as the technology evolves, advanced manufacturing evolves with it.

For Steven, this means new applications, new markets, and global growth.

The possibilities truly seem limitless.

Hear the full interview—and see what makes the SPEE3D story so special.