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Gabriele Famous: Why I decided to help a company changing the world with metal 3D printed parts


Many of you know that I am passionate about advising growing global companies with truly innovative technology and a real purpose to have an impact on the future. That’s why I’m thrilled to share that I have joined the advisory group of SPEE3D, an Australian-based leader in 3D cold-spray metal printing technology.

After spending the majority of my career as an executive in Silicon Valley, I am keen to help amazing Australian businesses with great leadership scale globally. To make the decision where to spend my time and collaborate, I ask the following questions: “What impact can a company have on customer needs or a market? And what impact can I have as a global leader and advisor?”

The moment I learned of SPEE3D from my friend and colleague Kerri Lee Sinclair, I knew they were on to something special. Once I met founders Byron Kennedy and Steve Camilleri, I quickly understood how their bold vision in software and metal 3D printing would change real world manufacturing challenges for industries like space, auto racing, mining and military by creating and utilizing parts from over 12 material sets including copper, stainless steel, titanium, high-strength aluminium and nickel-based carbides.

Gabriele And Kerri Lee And Byron July 2022 Workshop
Parts Closeup

Traditional manufacturing has not evolved as quickly as other industries and often uses the same processes developed more than 40 years ago. To solve these issues, SPEE3D delivers applications that are changing multiple industries with real impact. Their technology is 1000 times faster than traditional 3D metal printing and enables the most affordable additive manufacturing process in the world to produce industrial quality metal parts in minutes – and from anywhere.    

With the recent COVID pandemic, supply chain issues have become some of the largest challenges that global businesses face. 3D printing is one of the answers to solve this problem. In fact, President Biden just announced the “AM Forward Program” to help drive the wider adoption of 3D printing to spur innovation in additive manufacturing.

SPEE3D works with industries including defence, automotive, maritime, and first responders. Last month, they announced a partnership with the US Navy for their Maintenance Technology Exercise (REPTX) to print military maritime parts from both port and sea. My favorite SPEE3D application was seeing the printer in action and parts used at the Melbourne Grand Prix F1 race. F1 is known for elite engineering, speed and performance, which is a natural fit for SPEE3D’s market leading 3D-technical engineering – with the ability to print durable, high-quality parts onsite for the world’s most watched motorsport.

I am quite excited about the innovation and impact SPEE3D offers at the convergence of technology and manufacturing. But most importantly, I am thrilled to be working with the entire SPEE3D team helping to solve real world problems in a post Covid world. 

– Gabriele Famous

Check out the full Linkedin post here.