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World’s Fastest 3D Metal Printer landing in Latin America

3D in Metal’s WarpSPEE3D printer arriving in El Salvador, fast-tracking Latin America into a future booming 3D metal printing industry.

SPEE3D’s goal to make manufacturing easier on an international scale has seen Latin America become the latest region to embrace SPEE3D’s cutting-edge printers.

El Salvador’s ‘3D in Metal’ is an additive manufacturing service bureau, specialising in equipment and software distribution and consultation. They’re expected to steer the frontier in the region’s manufacturing industry as one of the latest companies to own a WarpSPEE3D printer.

The WarpSPEE3D printer prints metal parts up to 1000 times faster than what traditional manufacturing methods currently provide. Technology like this will guarantee 3D in Metal a competitive advantage to service demand for replacement metal parts.

Founder of 3D in Metal Gerardo Ortiz states, “We believe having the WarpSPEE3D printer in our factory will only increase our capacity to deliver printed 3D metal parts, coatings and repairs. We at 3D in Metal are looking forward to the benefits the WarpSPEE3D machine will offer to our region’s new wave of custom-made mass production”.

Collaboration between SPEE3D and 3D in Metal presents a valuable opportunity to the industry and the broader region. Demand for spare parts is often beyond local capability and with the impact of COVID-19 on international trade, additive manufacturing, or 3D printing, offers a revolutionary, sustainable and affordable solution.

“In developing regions spare parts can sometimes be difficult to source. Though, with the WarpSPEE3D metal printer now at 3D in Metal for example, this can help leapfrog these regions to maintain their future supply and demand of metal parts much more easily. The installation in El Salvador just highlights the unique capabilities our easily deployable technology can bring to the region,” said Byron Kennedy, CEO of SPEE3D.

SPEE3D is working closely with 3D in Metal to successfully export and manage the external training and installation of the WarpSPEE3D printer at the El Salvador site.

3D in Metal_Foto WarpSPEE3D de lado y de frente (diagonal)_SPEE3D 2
An image of the WarpSPEE3D Printer at the 3D in Metal location in El Salvador.