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SPEE3D Technology to be deployed by the Australian Army


Darwin, February 23, 2020 Cutting edge 3D printing technology developed in Darwin, Australia, will be deployed by the Australian Army. The Australian Army today announced a $1.5 million investment into a 12-month pilot of SPEE3D technology for the Australian Army. The program includes the training of soldiers in 3D printing and the trail of SPEE3D’s…

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SPEE3D Metal 3D Printing Technology to be Deployed by the Royal Australian Navy


Davide Sher  – November 21, 2019 The Australian Government today announced a $1.5 million investment into a two-year pilot of SPEE3D technology for the Royal Australian Navy including the deployment of a WarpSPEE3D 3D metal printer. Cold spray 3D printing technology developed by the Darwin, Australia, based company will be deployed by the Royal Australian Navy…

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SPEE3D Smashes World’s Fastest 3D Print Record at Formnext


SPEE3D printed a 1.012kg copper sledgehammer in 10 minutes and 2 seconds live in front of a crowd on the floor at Formnext in Frankfurt. Formnext is the leading global additive manufacturing exhibition running from the 19th – 22nd November 2019. SPEE3D was able to achieve this industry-leading print speed thanks to their patented technology.…

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Hammers at Formnext

Copper sparkless engineers hammer - printed LIVE at Formnext

SPEE3D are launching a new product at Formnext 2019 called ‘SPEE3Dcell’ – the world’s first metal 3D printing production cell. SPEE3Dcell combines a SPEE3D printer along with a heat treatment oven and CNC 3 axis milling machine. It’s everything you need to go into production manufacturing metal parts… without a foundry! The team wanted to…

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Australian metal 3D printer expands worldwide | Manufacturing Monthly


Manufacturing Monthly – 18 June, 2019 Australian three-dimensional (3D) metal printing company Spee3D has developed the first metal 3D printer called Lightspee3D, that can leverage Supersonic 3D deposition technology. Lightspee3D’s technology aims to manufacture grade printing at production speeds. It also allows operators to print industrial quality metal parts in minutes. “Typically, 3D printers of…

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3D Printing Industry Article on SPEE3D Design Challenge


VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE The potential of metal 3D printing At this year’s RAPID + TCT, Australian metal 3D printer maker, SPEE3D, announced the ‘Supersonic 3D Printing Design Challenge’. For the challenge, participants are encouraged to submit designs that can be made on the LightSPEE3D and the large format WarpSPEE3D metal printers by SPEE3D. The winner…

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VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE SPEE3D Supersonic 3D Printing Design Challenge Kicks Off at RAPID + TCT 2019 By Digital Engineering Editors May 21, 2019 SPEE3D, makers of a metal 3D printer leveraging supersonic 3D deposition (SP3D) technology, is kicking off its inaugural “SPEE3D Supersonic 3D Printing Design Challenge” at RAPID + TCT 2019. SPEE3D will be printing…

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SPEE3D Features on


VIEW ORIGINAL ARTICLE Supersonic SPEE3D is going bigger with its unique metal 3D printing offerings.   The Australian company has long caught our interest, and it was a pleasure to catch up with CEO Byron Kennedy for a chat about what we can expect soon. Mostly, it’s big news — in the form of a…

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SPEE3D Featured in Festival of Australia Advertisement


SPEE3D has been featured in an advertisement for the Festival of Australia to help promote the concept of innovation in Australia. The Festival of Australia is a joint initiative from Austrade, the Australian Football League and many more to help promote Australian brands and help foster the relationship between Australia and China. The event marks…

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